Jan 29 (Thu)
Cindy Akana
Cindy Akana

If you looked for Cindy Akana’s music in a book store, you would find it in the Self Help or Spirituality sections because her songs facilitate personal growth, healing, and encouragement. Cindy writes songs to help people celebrate life, validate their experiences, and connect with something bigger than themselves. Her upbeat and easy-listening songs contain passionate and introspective lyrics that reflect the authenticity of life as well as introduce avenues for thriving in our complicated world.

Cindy Akana has been developing and honing her songwriting craft and solo performances for over 30 years. She has taken classes from pop and country hit songwriters as well as professors from Berklee College of Music. After experiencing Cindy’s positive and energizing musical performances, you may want to revisit her catchy choruses and reflective songs. You can do so by picking up her CDs of original songs (with full orchestrations) at Soul Food Coffee House or download individual songs from,, or iTunes.

Jan 30 (Fri)
Strong Sun Moon

Strong Sun Moon – a beautiful blend of North & South American folk. This local duo creates a unique sound, with bright vocal harmonies and a refreshing blend of styles. Camelia Jade’s colorful arrangements of South American instruments such as the Charango, Ronroco and Bombo Leg├╝ero are interwoven with Mike Antone’s rich vocals, artful songwriting and ethereal use of the Lapsteel.

Please visit to listen.

Jan 31 (Sat)

Hamarsha is a freak/folk/punk project based loosely out of the PNW. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Feb 04 (Wed)
Astro Night with Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer

Each month, on the first Wednesday, master astrologers Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine enlighten us with an astrological overview of the upcoming month. Rick and Jeff are the authors of the popular ‘Your Astrology Guide’ series and have taught the science of astrology around the globe. Astrology Night at SoulFood is a very special evening!

Feb 05 (Thu)
Kevin, Makia, & Deborah
anita and kevin

The first Thursday of each month Kevin, Makia and Deborah take over the stage, playing a blend of originals and covers sure to stir your soul!