Oct 07 (Wed)
Astro Night with Rick Levine

Each month, on the first Wednesday, master astrologer Rick Levine enlightens us with an astrological overview of the upcoming month. Rick is the author of many popular astrological works and he has taught the science of astrology around the globe. Astrology Night at SoulFood is a very special evening!

On this night in October, Rick Levine will be travelling, but we will be airing a video he sends to us on the stage screen!

Oct 08 (Thu)
Poetry Open Mic

SoulFood Poetry Night is curated by Michael Dylan Welch, and has been running since July of 2006. We ask one featured reader to select someone else to read with them. This process echoes the sense of community and connection that is central to SoulFood Books, brings in new voices, and helps to create harmony or contrast in our reading series. Featured readers start shortly after 7:00 p.m. After we have a break to enjoy the bookstore, its art gallery, and especially its café, we have an open-mic reading where we invite you to share your poetry. Our featured readers are mostly from the greater Seattle area, but we welcome poets from farther afield as well. More info:

Oct 09 (Fri)
Jen Tal and the HuZBand
JenTal and the HUZband II.jpg

Jennifer’s background is much like any other soul singer’s: she first started singing in church with her family at services, then branched out to school choirs from elementary school through college. Jen has directed, written, and arranged for choirs as well and her songwriting and singing were first influenced by her mother on Autoharp, then later by experimenting with the piano on her own. Nowadays, the guitar is her instrument of choice.

As Jen grows musically, people seem to ask her more and more frequently to play songs she’s been working on. Hearing Jen and her acoustic guitar reminds many listeners of Lauryn Hill or India Arie (solo). The acoustic soul brings to the forefront Jen’s perspective on true love, being a woman, modern society, and much more. She is generally accompanied by her partner, The Design Drummer, Jacob Tal, who tastefully fills in the space with the djimbe, cajon, and other percussion.

Jen and Jacob Tal met as bandmates in a funk and jazz 8 piece jam band.
They married and began writing music together and traveling. Jacob is an award winning Drumline instructor that has created a mini percussion kit (including keyboard) you won’t see anywhere else. Jen is an award winning vocalist that adds original flavor to familiar tunes and writes songs audiences everywhere can relate to. Together, Jen and Jacob provide a little something for everyone taking listeners on a journey through jazz, soul, blues, reggae, and rock.

Oct 11 (Sun)
The Coffee Break Concert

So, you’ve done the yard work, walked the dog, washed the car, updated your Facebook profile, and now you just want to set with an iced coffee… maybe have someone else make you a nice sandwich… and listen to a few songs you’ve never heard before, played live by some local artists in an intimate setting. Well guess what. The music is free, and so is the ambiance and the air conditioning.

Join us every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 for “The Coffee Break Concert”, hosted by Lamar, with guest artists who have been invited to perform for your listening enjoyment.

Oct 15 (Thu)
Tambore e Cordas

Doug Jones started playing guitar at 12 years old. His musical journey has included classic rock, punk -pop, reggae, Soukous and other African derived styles, and most recently Brazilian jazz. Doug has visited Brazil several times with his spouse, studying the music and culture of Brazil. He also studied under Bossa Nova expert Bill Dee and jammed with local Brazilian acts, including Seattle’s Nilza Lessa.

King Dre started playing drums at young age and turned pro by the age of 21. He has always had a love for jazz but is skilled in all different music types. King dre went to Brazil in 1998 on a musical excursion where he studied with local musicians on the the beaches of Copa Cabana and at the clubs.

Doug and King Dre discovered their mutual interest in Brazilian music and, following a hiatus of the African Knights, set out to share their unique interpretation of the musical styles of Brazil and the world with you.