Apr 27 (Mon)
EarthShip Meet Up
Electronic Awakening

Monthly Meet ups every 4th Monday of the month. Gather with others who are looking for alternative sustainable living. Learn about EarthShips along with others, with the same goals.
– Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling
– Solar & Wind Electricity
– Contained Sewage Treatment
– Built with Natural & Recycled Materials
– Water Harvesting
– Food Production

This month (April 2015) is movie night! Come down and screen

Apr 29 (Wed)
Marjorie Nelch
Marjorie Nelch

“Music helps us to engage with life. It gives us permission to feel, to feel happy, to feel angry, sad, permission to be, well, human. Lyrics and melody can give voice to deep things we leave unsaid or didn’t even know we wanted to say. “

This is what Marjorie’s songwriting brings to the table, songs that take the listener by the hand and walk with them through life. Through this foggy, hazy, confusing thing called life. Her voice will take you from the raw expression to angelic fantasy and everywhere in between. Not to mention melodies which draw you in and plant themselves in your head.

Apr 30 (Thu)
Jazz Generations
Jazz Generations

Jazz Generations: A Celebration of a Shared Musical Tradition” celebrates the evolution of jazz across four generations, featuring the amazing talents of two young soloists – Ryan McKnight on soprano, alto and tenor sax, and Lloyd Chisholm on trumpet. Ryan and Lloyd will take us on a journey through the history of jazz, supported by an all-star multi-generational rhythm section – hope you will join us!

May 01 (Fri)
Kevin, Makia, & Deborah
anita and kevin

On the first Thursday of each month Kevin, Makia and Deborah take over the stage, playing a blend of originals and covers sure to stir your soul… But this month, Clint McCune is off trotting the globe with his band, leaving the stage unguarded during his regular First Friday of the Month SoulFood CoffeeHouse gig!

Sooooo, while the cat is away, the mice will play! Come see what you’ve been missing on the First Thursday of each month, as this trio takes over this 1st concert in May!

May 02 (Sat)
Community Open Mic
Open Mic

The first Saturday of each month is Community Open Mic night, a SoulFood tradition, and also a wildly popular and well-attended event. As with most events, we stream our Open Mic live to the world from our livestream page.

Here’s your chance to show Aunt Betty in Australia that song you’ve been working on for months now! So that each person has time to shine, we ask that each act perform only 3 songs/poems or 15 minutes. Even then, this event runs from 6pm until usually past midnight.

Come down and enjoy the fun. We never know what gems the night will offer. Tribe Members can sign up by phone or in person beginning at 9AM on the day of the event. Sign ups open for all at 3PM. Slots are limited to the first 22 to sign up!