Jul 09 (Thu)
Eric Dodd
Eric Dodd

Details coming soon!

Jul 10 (Fri)
World Tree Music

World Tree Music is a journey into love, legend and mystery through music and song. A cool rippling stream of organic and electronic sound … a collage of energetic rhythms; topped with a voice like burnished crystal.

Gretchen Cornwall is “The Voice” (Lead vocal, lyrics and melodies), John Cornwall (Composition/Arrangements, Guitar and Keyboard/virtual instruments and backup Vocals). Gnostic folk-rock fusions merging with classical influences. From electronic ambient to exciting world rhythms and songs of love, legend and mystery. The World Tree or tree of life is a symbol with meaning shared across the myriad cultures of the world, merging many ancient wisdoms. We aim to fuse instruments and styles of the globe transcending national limits, space and time with hopeful and peaceful messages.

Jul 11 (Sat)
Vixy & Tony with The PDX Broadsides
Vixy & Tony

Vixy & Tony’s lighthearted folk/rock musical style combines with science fiction and fantasy lyrics to tell engaging and beautiful stories. Their energetic performances can be enjoyed by both sci-fi fans and mainstream music fans alike, earning them the Best Performer Pegasus Award in 2008. Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey and Tony Fabris have joined forces with cellist Betsy Tinney and violinist Sunnie Larsen to form a “four-person duo” with a lush, amazing sound. They are currently working on their second album, and their music can be found at

The PDX Broadsides

The PDX Broadsides (Portland OR) are a trio of nerdy enthusiasts who sing about science, Doctor Who, superheroes, robots, and other things they love with great vigor and harmony. They have been playing venues and conventions throughout the Pacific Northwest for three years, and just released their second album, AIM TO MISBEHAVE.

Vixy & Tony are excited to introduce their local fans to their talented and hilarious new friends from Portland. The evening will be filled with fun songs, humor, joy, and, probably not surprisingly, a few band crossovers by the time the evening is out. Don’t miss it!

Jul 12 (Sun)
The Coffee Break Concert

So, you’ve done the yard work, walked the dog, washed the car, updated your Facebook profile, and now you just want to set with an iced coffee… maybe have someone else make you a nice sandwich… and listen to a few songs you’ve never heard before, played live by some local artists in an intimate setting. Well guess what. The music is free, and so is the ambiance and the air conditioning.

Join us every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 for “The Coffee Break Concert”, hosted by Lamar, with guest artists who have been invited to perform for your listening enjoyment.

Jul 16 (Thu)
Poetry Open Mic

SoulFood Poetry Night is curated by Michael Dylan Welch, and has been running since July of 2006. We ask one featured reader to select someone else to read with them. This process echoes the sense of community and connection that is central to SoulFood Books, brings in new voices, and helps to create harmony or contrast in our reading series. Featured readers start shortly after 7:00 p.m. After we have a break to enjoy the bookstore, its art gallery, and especially its café, we have an open-mic reading where we invite you to share your poetry. Our featured readers are mostly from the greater Seattle area, but we welcome poets from farther afield as well. More info: