May 27 (Wed)
Party of Doubt
Party of Doubt

Jack Brand, Rebecca Guthrie, and Ashley Lacy form the Seattle band, Party of Doubt. These singer-songwriters bring folk-pop energy to the stage as unapologetic harmony geeks. Long-steeping inspiration ranges from The Beatles, Ani DiFranco, Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell, and Harry Nilsson. They deliver sweet sips of introspection, human behavior, and the meaning behind it all. Comforting and questioning all at once, Party of Doubt bring an intricate mix of voice, guitar, bass, accordion, and percussion into thoughtful perspective.

The members of Party of Doubt met in 2007 while Jack was active in his band, Shades of Red and casually collaborated on events, enjoying the complementary blend of their voices. After Jack left his rock-pop band to record a solo CD, Batik Journey, a compilation of compelling songs that reflect his journey as a parent and partner, he asked Rebecca and Ashley to contribute as guest vocalists. In 2014, the trio began regularly collaborating and formed the band, Party of Doubt.

May 28 (Thu)
S/He Dragon
SHe book image99

When author Patricia Lee was crowned homecoming queen in high school, she was on top of the world. As a college bound cheerleader on the honor role her whole life beckoned. Little did she know that at the age of 25 depression would crash her to rock bottom.

Lee’s new memoir, “S/He Dragon: how I found my wings” (published by Balboa Press), shares her inspiring story of how she climbed up from the depths of despair and found the inner strength and courage to heal herself.

Che oke’ ten Wagner complements the evening with a selection of traditional stories and woodwind pieces.
Praise for “S/He Dragon”:

“Patricia Lee shares potent shamanic medicine and magic as she inspires us to tap into dreams, visions, and the wisdom of the invisible realms. ‘S/He Dragon’ tells the deeply personal yet archetypal journey of her descent into the earth and the darkness and reemergence into the light. Patricia’s story is one of courage.”

Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light

May 29 (Fri)
Karl Haug

Details coming soon!

May 30 (Sat)
Bone Poets Orchestra

Expect an acoustic maelstrom of magnificent proportions! A scandalous adventure that will dazzle the sensual world!

Price: $12 Advance / $15 door

May 31 (Sun)
The Coffee Break Concert

So, you’ve done the yard work, walked the dog, washed the car, updated your Facebook profile, and now you just want to set with an iced coffee… maybe have someone else make you a nice sandwich… and listen to a few songs you’ve never heard before, played live by some local artists in an intimate setting. Well guess what. The music is free, and so is the ambiance and the air conditioning.

Join us every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 for “The Coffee Break Concert”, hosted by Lamar, with guest artists who have been invited to perform for your listening enjoyment.