Come For The Coffee Shop, Stay For The Community

When you walk through the doors of SoulFood, you’re instantly greeted with a smile.
Here, you are family. There are no timelines or deadlines. No appointments to rush through. Whether you’re working on a new song, breaking free from your desk, or catching up with an old friend, we have a spot for you. Settle in, sip a cup of delicious coffee, and stay for awhile.

Quality in Every Cup.

Our baristas are well-trained in the art of brewing using the highest quality coffee.

Live Singers & Songwriters.

You heard it here first! Enjoy the sounds of local singers, songwriters, and bands.

One-of-a-Kind Gift Shop.

Enter our gift shop and hold treasures from local artists and around the world.

Daily Positive Change.

From fundraisers to inspirational events, we serve daily positive change along with great coffee.

Welcomed Differences.

Sit down and relax. We’re all equals here. At SoulFood, we value the things that make you, YOU!

Inspirational Events.

From book signings to readers’ corners, there’s a lot happening under our roof.

At SoulFood, we’re proud of our community.
It’s why we’re here.

Our high quality coffee, live events, and cultural gift shop are just the beginning.
Our commitment to community, how we inspire positive change, and our support for local artists make SoulFood the one-of-a-kind coffee shop you’ve been looking for.