Dear Earth, We’ve Got Your Back.

We believe it’s one of the most important things a business can do: to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible.

Sustainability is a top mission at SoulFood. We’re always striving to find new ways to reduce the impact we have on the earth and give back using smarter business operations. Here are just a few of the ways we’re keeping things green around here.

Recycle and Compost Programs

Our work doesn’t end after we brew you the perfect cup of espresso. The leftover coffee grounds are set aside for customers like you to pick up anytime. Stop in to get a bag and use it to keep your own compost healthy.

When you’re done with your food or drink, go ahead and toss the container into your compost too. We work closely with a supplier of genuinely compostable to-go cups and food containers so every part of your meal is eco-friendly.

Local Ingredients and Goods

Not only do local foods taste fresher than those shipped from all over the country, but they’re also better for the environment. Getting the best ingredients and foods to our store from local sources requires less fuel and less energy.

Our baked goods come from local bakeries to give you the absolute freshest flavors, and we feature Stirling Syrups made in Renton, Washington.

Even our coffee supplier works directly with the coffee co-ops and farmers to ensure sourcing from farms that use sustainable and organic practices. They’ve also worked with many farmers in assisting them in buying back their land. Check out more on their website.


You’ve probably seen several fundraisers happening in our Redmond coffee shop. Some of these fundraisers that are enhancing our community include the Keep It Simple organic farm, Homeless Outreach, and Showcase for the Cure.

SoulFood CoffeeHouse is also the chosen location for Earthship Seattle’s monthly meetup. This meetup promotes re-using common waste items in building architecture.


Our technology is as green as it can get too. This website is hosted by Greek Geeks, a company that operates in line with our sustainability beliefs.

We also use Dharma Merchant Services as our merchant services provider because of their shared values. This company donates half of their profits to various non-profit charities, including those with some material positive impact on society or the environment.

We Can (And Will) Always Do More

This isn’t the extent of our sustainability efforts – it’s the beginning. We can and will always do as much as we can to maintain a healthy environment for our generation, our children, and their kids. Will you join us in this mission?