People are at the Center of Everything We Do.

SoulFood isn’t your average coffee house. We hearken back to community spaces of old where kindred spirits gathered to slowly sip a warm beverage and escape the day.

Here, delicious drinks are only the beginning. Walk through our doors and you’ll instantly see why we’re shattering expectations by bringing smiles, sustainability, and social connection together in one shop.


Employing sustainable business practices and creating a healthy environment today, tomorrow, and for our children is a constant goal for us. We’re always aiming to do more.

Learn more about what we’re doing now and why you can feel good about every cup of coffee you drink at SoulFood.

Live Music

Several nights a week, people gather here to listen to music. The tunes on our stage range from solo singers and songwriters to full bands. Hear well-known artists and up-and-comers you’ll be glad you found here first. We offer a little something for every taste in one relaxing, culture-infused place.

We’re a favorite hangout for local artists. Look around. Our vibe is so inspiring that you can often find artists creating their latest work at one of our tables. Step inside and see what we mean.


Music is just the beginning. At SoulFood, we host a variety of events, such as book signings and inspirational talks. It’s an eclectic mix of culture. You never know what you’ll get!

Come in for some of the best espresso in Redmond, and stay for a fascinating talk on indigenous culture.


Our mission is to give back to this incredible community as much as possible. We regularly participate in fundraisers for a variety of causes. Stop in to see the latest fundraising efforts happening in our store.


You don’t have to gaze at your phone while you wait for your coffee to brew (or for your tea to steep). Instead, browse our ever-changing Fair Trade Emporium filled with gifts from around the world, including many from local artists.

We go to great lengths to ensure that every item we carry is ethically sourced and non-exploitative.