An Experience Unlike Any Other: SoulFood OnStage

A song, a lyric, a poem – this honesty of emotion can change you in an instant. You get goosebumps as you turn to face the stage. Enthralled, you immerse yourself in the performance. It’s an experience unlike any other … yet is just another day at SoulFood CoffeeHouse.

Live performances are a treasured tradition at SoulFood.

Our stage is open to a variety of acts. One night you might hear a poetry reading and the next you’ll listen to an up-and-coming local band. We bring you an eclectic blend of entertainment that constantly provides an experience encompassing sound, mind, and soul.

In the spirit of community:
Open Mic Nights

Join us on the first Saturday night the month from 6pm to 11:30pm for one of the finest open mic nights in the region. Open Mic Night is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get! So settle in for an incredible evening that is full of fun and surprises. This wildly popular event is streamed live to the world from our LiveStream page.

Open Mic Showcase
Which acts should return for our monthly Open Mic Showcase? You be the judge! On the second Wednesday of each month we bring back four favorites for another appearance OnStage. And since two of the four performers are selected by audience vote, you have a say in who nabs one of our coveted 30-minutes time slots!

OnStage energy like you’ve never felt before

Relax, unwind, and have some fun while you indulge your senses in performance artistry. Check out the calendar of on stage performances and plan your next trip into SoulFood’s coffee shop, Emporium, and performance center.